Northampton in the News

Photo By Lynne Graves


We recently chatted with the awesome team at the new restaurant in Thornes Marketplace, PATRIA. Check out what they had to say and how things are going for them in the New Normal. We are thrilled to have them in the community!


We recently spoke with Dr. Jacob Henricksen, of Winter Wolf Spine & Sport. Learn more about his business, how he's weathered Pandemic Times, and what lies ahead! Thanks for chatting with us, Jacob!


Before the pandemic hit and life as we know it was greatly altered, we sat down with Justin Brown from Assemble for a chat. Read more...


We recently spoke to Amy Dickinson and Donna McNeight of Gazebo in Northampton. Their commitment to the store, their customers, and this community is truly heartwarming.


We recently spoke to The Ellery Hotel in Northampton. Matthew Cunningham's passion for renovating this beautiful old hotel and turning it into a welcoming, cozy spot for visitors far and near is truly inspiring.


We recently spoke to Rebekah Brooks of Rebekah Brooks jewelry store in Northampton. We were inspired by her passion for her business as well as her positivity about living, working, and raising a family in Northampton.


We recently spoke to Jake Mazar, one of the owners of Artifact Cider Project in Florence, MA. We love his passion for Western Mass and for the cider Artifact produces. His commitment to bringing a high quality, delicious product to the community is truly inspiring.


We recently spoke to Suzie Goldstein, owner of River Valley Yoga in Florence. We love her mission, the studio's welcoming and supportive vibe, and Suzie's infectious enthusiasm.


We recently spoke to André and Devon Boulay from A2Z Science & Learning Store. We had a lovely chat about the past, present, and future of the store and what makes them most excited about owning a business in Northampton. We love their energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to this amazing store!


We recently spoke to Laurel Anne Boyd, Kathryn Carpenter, and Noel St. Jean Chevalier of Ascendance Inner World Arts in Florence. Their studio is a vibrant, inviting space that offers dance classes to kids and adults alike, as well as plenty of other engaging cultural and educational events!


We recently spoke to Lexie Walters Wright and Lindsay Fogg-Willits, the owners of High Five Books & Art Always in Florence! We are overjoyed to them as part of Florence's thriving, creative business community.


We recently spoke to Brent Anderson, owner of (Fun)struction in Northampton. We're so excited to have his fun, creative, hands-on business in town!


We recently spoke to Anna Bowen, owner of Strada in Northampton. We truly enjoyed Anna's enthusiasm and passion for her work and for Northampton in general!


We recently spoke to Andrew Brow, owner of HighBrow, a new restaurant that has recently opened in Northampton. We really appreciated his passion for his vision, his creativity, and his motivation.


We recently spoke to Stacy Rex Buhl, new owner of Kidstuff, the thrift & consignment shop in the heart of Florence. We love Stacy's energy and excitement and her motivation to keep this 27-year-old business alive and thriving.


We recently spoke to BZ Catalano of Body Zen. Her holistic skincare and ayurvedic bodywork business is a wonderful addition to downtown Northampton. Find out what she had to say!


We recently had a great conversation with Jade and Nate (and their daughter, Maya!) from Cornucopia. We love their energy and commitment to their business as well as to Northampton.


We had a wonderful interview with Leslie Tarr Laurie, Regional Director of NETA in Northampton. We love having NETA as part of our business community.


We had a lovely chat with Miss Florence Diner's owner, Georgie Brunton, earlier this week. We love the hustle and bustle and old school vibe that lives on in our neighborhood diner.


We recently talked to Liz Karney of Sticks & Bricks in downtown Northampton. We love her creativity, passion, and energy, and her space is utterly beautiful.


We recently spoke to Kitty Freitag-Johndrow, one of the owners of The Freckled Fox Cafe in Florence. Find out what makes this cafe so unique and awesome!