Where to Park in Northampton, MA

Photo By Lynne Graves

There are plenty of options all over town!

And to make parking even easier, download the ParkMobile app on your mobile device before visiting! You can easily choose your zone and pay to park in advance.

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  • The parking garage located behind Thornes Marketplace is always a great option, at any time of the year, and especially in rain or snow.
  • Park on Main Street to make shopping around town a breeze.
  • The parking lot at Roundhouse Plaza is also a convenient location. You can access Main Street via the stairs that lead to Pulaski Park or walk up Crafts Ave.
  • There is a large lot across from the Northampton Brewery.
  • There is a parking lot on Masonic Street, across from Packard’s Bar and behind T. Roots.
  • There is also ample parking on State Street as well as Elm Street, if you want to park closer to Smith College and wander around campus.