We talked to: The Ellery Hotel

We recently spoke to Matthew Cunningham of The Ellery Hotel in Northampton. Their passion for renovating what was once the Autumn Inn and turning it into a welcoming, cozy spot (a real “home away from home”!) for guests from near and far is truly inspiring.

Tell us about the process of renovating and updating what was formerly the Autumn Inn to become The Ellery Hotel.

Charlestowne Hotels (a third-party management company based in Charleston, SC) was retained by the hotel’s current ownership in April of 2018 to supervise the daily operation of the hotel. We began establishing positive relationships right away, embracing the vibe and warmth that Northampton emits. The hotel’s transformation began in October of 2018 and was relaunched as The Ellery in April of 2019. We have been very open to asking for feedback from our guests, and we take their suggestions and experiences very seriously, as we want the hotel to continue to evolve and exceed guests’ expectations. The feedback really helps us to get a sense of what people coming to the area most want to see in a hotel. As we approach our first anniversary, we are grateful to our guests and partners for joining us on this exciting journey.

What do you love/appreciate most about the business community in Northampton?

There is a real sense of support, camaraderie, and genuine caring in Northampton. We are so fortunate to have amazing connections, such as with Vince Jackson at the Chamber, Smith College, and many other local businesses and organizations who truly want to help and to see us succeed and grow. There's a unique, small town feel to Northampton, but with many sophisticated layers of arts and culture, academia, and entertainment. It has  a very special and welcoming town, drawing visitors from all over. There are so many wonderful, thriving businesses here, with many more coming up--there's a sense of anticipation, enthusiasm, and a desire for this town to continue to move forward.

What do you love/appreciate most about Northampton in general?

For one, the unique downtown, which offers something for everyone. Though it’s small in size, it has such a wide range of amazing shops and restaurants, and really does draw out-of-towners looking for something truly special and different. With Smith right in the heart of the town, there’s that great academic and cultural energy that adds to Northampton’s special feel.  It’s also highly walkable and bikeable, which is not something you find everywhere. Everyone from food bloggers to parents of college students are coming to see what this lovely town has to offer, and they are finding so many options--there’s honestly something new to discover on a daily basis. Also, we truly appreciate the fact that everyone in the community is engaged in The Ellery’s success, as it reassures us that it will become a choice destination for visitors to the area.

What positive things do you see happening in Northampton?

There is such a vibrancy and diversity in Northampton, and a sense of progress and forward movement--even as some businesses close, others are coming in and continuing the momentum. Many of our guests are traveling from Vermont, Connecticut,  New York, and even Canada, so there is that sense that there is a tremendous draw to Northampton, and that it is truly a unique and special destination spot. Whether you want to hike, shop, dine, visit art exhibits, or just enjoy a laid-back getaway weekend, this is the ideal place to be! We also greatly appreciate the Chamber’s support and encouragement as we continue to grow and evolve as a hotel. Vince Jackson has been a real advocate and force for change and growth since he assumed his role as leader of the Chamber just a few months ago, and we greatly appreciate his efforts.

Are there any events you are particularly excited about, either in Northampton in general or at the hotel?

The Ellery is enthusiastic about forming relationships that are mutually beneficial to the hotel, its guests, and the community, and our current partners include Snow Farm, Smith College, Woodstar Cafe, and Esselon Coffee. We are also talking to Provisions, Glendale Ridge Vineyards, and the Hampshire Regional YMCA about working together in the future and teaming up on events and offerings! For the past two years, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Northampton community, and working on the renovation and revitalization of The Ellery has been a special project for me. I truly want to see the hotel thrive and grow, reflecting what is best about this community to visitors near and far.

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