We talked to: (Fun)struction

We recently spoke to Brent Anderson, owner of (Fun)struction in Northampton. We're so excited to have his fun, creative, hands-on business in town!

How long has (Fun)struction been open? What made you want to open a store in Northampton?

We have been open since May of this year.  I attended college at UMASS, and have felt a connection to this area ever since. I love the fact that people in Northampton--kids and adults alike--are drawn to hands-on, authentic experiences that allow them to be creative and build things.  I had looked around a couple of other towns in the Valley, but felt that Northampton was truly the ideal location for this type of business. Then I lucked out when this space became available on Craigslist.

What do you love/appreciate most about the business community in Northampton?

The business community has been so supportive and welcoming, and I don’t think that exists everywhere. People have been genuinely interested in seeing this business succeed, and have been incredibly generous and helpful. I feel like a real part of the community already.

What do you love/appreciate most about Northampton in general?

It’s such a fun city with great food. I really appreciate the walkable downtown, and also love the option of renting a bike to get around!

What positive things do you see happening in Northampton?

I feel like Northampton is getting a kind of “reboot.” There’s a sense of vibrance, growth, and a creation of new traditions, while also maintaining a sense of older traditions and history. I appreciate that I can be a part of that forward movement, and that I can carve out my own niche here.

Are there any upcoming events you are excited about, either in Northampton in general or at the store?

We just had a Build Night with New City Brewery, which was great. We’ll also be doing some build projects at the Resource Center in Springfield--they work with people who are living with traumatic brain injuries.  We’ll be hosting a Young Professionals Night event in November here at the shop, and we’re working with the Girl Scouts, helping them acquire badges. We’re also happy to host team-building events and after-work outings, which can be BYO and we’ll have food catered or you can bring food in. In terms of things I enjoy most in Northampton, my wife and I really love dining at Sierra Grille and seeing shows at Bishop’s Lounge when we can.

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