We talked to: Kidstuff

We recently spoke to Stacy Buhl, new owner of Kidstuff, the thrift & consignment shop in the heart of Florence. We love Stacy's energy and excitement and her motivation to keep this 27-year-old business alive and thriving.

How long has Kidstuff been in business and what made you decide to take over the business?

27 years. I just became the new owner on August 15th, and we reopened on September 4th. My kids and I frequented Kidstuff for years--at least a couple of times per month and I just love the space and the welcoming environment. I loved that I could shop here for both of them as well as for myself. When I found out that Tami, the previous owner, was planning to retire and close the shop, I approached her about passing the torch to me. It seemed like the ideal situation, as I was already familiar with the store and I would be able to bring my kids to work. Prior to this I had been a stay-at-home mom for 5 years, so this just seemed like fate.

What do you love most about the local business community?

Though I’m very new to Florence as a business owner, I already feel so welcomed and supported. Everyone is very friendly and open to chatting and sharing their experiences and ideas. It’s such a warm and open community.

What do you love/appreciate most about Florence/Northampton in general?

It’s a great place to raise a family. I’ve received so much support from other parents, especially at the Northampton Parents’ Center, which is in the basement of the Edwards Church in Northampton. I’ve met so many wonderful people there, and I love that there is plenty of space for our kids to play and interact.

What positive changes do you see happening in Florence/Northampton and what changes do you want to make at Kidstuff?

I feel like the community continues to grow stronger and thrive, and this section of Florence, now affectionately nicknamed “Kid Row”, is really coming into its own. I also love how many women-owned businesses are in both Florence and Northampton. There’s a sense of inclusion and support here that you don’t find everywhere in New England. This is a very special place with a California-esque vibe to it, which I really appreciate, having grown up in California. In terms of the shop itself, it’s a work in progress since we just reopened. I will be rearranging and setting up new areas as I go forward!

Are there any upcoming events you are excited about?

Yes! Hilary Emerson Lay will be signing her new book, Art Sparks, here at the store on November 16th at 2PM. It’s a fantastic arts & crafts guide for kids 6 and up, filled with plenty of inspiring and engaging art projects.

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