We talked to: Bloom Media

We talked to Bloom Media

We recently spoke with Lu Abbott of Bloom Media. Check out what they had to say about their new business venture!
Lu is formerly of the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce, where they served as the Marketing & Communications Manager.

What made you decide to start your own business at this time?

I think that the pandemic has forced many of us to move more online than ever before, both working and living online on a new level. Media is changing, as is how we think of it and respond to it. As small business owners and entrepreneurs in our community, we are all working harder than ever to engage followers. I see this venture as an opportunity to be an ally to this community. I want to take part of the load off by offering my services, while also thinking creatively with them to develop innovative new strategies and unique ways to meet audiences where they are at.

I also knew it was time to jump into something new, using some of the skills I have honed over the years through my various work experiences. This feels like a perfect time for me to experience something new, while also giving back.

Could you give us an overview of your services?

My services include social media strategy and content development, for anyone who is looking to grow their brand. I’m offering both packages and a la carte options, depending on the budget and needs of each individual client. Not everyone has the time, support, or energy to market themselves, and I want to help people grow and succeed by meeting them where they are at. For some people, over time, social media can either fall by the wayside or grow stale. I can help come up with fresh ways of highlighting their mission and/or products, while also funneling these pieces into a meaningful content plan that supports an overall strategy. I am excited about what can be accomplished locally and by working with multiple people at once, creating networks that help to lift all boats simultaneously and celebrate local businesses and entrepreneurs. Bloom Media allows me to draw from my past work experiences, while also pulling in my creative passions through photography, art, and cultural knowledge of the region.

Could you speak to us about the giveaways you have been doing on social media?

Group giveaways are so fun and such an amazing way for brands to talk to each other and “cross-pollinate”, so to speak! And they are perfect for celebrating a place and other entrepreneurs I love, while also engaging a local audience. They are also a great way to build up a local audience base and start up mailing lists. I plan to keep them going, mostly through Instagram and via the mailing list--my next one will take place in October and will be themed around “local harvest,” featuring some of the amazing farmers and chefs from within our region!

What are you most excited about/what are your main goals as you move forward?

Right now I’m most excited about the work I’m doing with the DNA as their creative content sponsor for the upcoming Northampton Chalk Art Festival, which will take place September 10th through 12th. My aim is to bring audiences along on a virtual “chalk walk”, where we’ll show the process the artists are going through to create their unique artwork at the Arts Night Out event via the DNA’s social media pages.

At this point in time, I think we need as much color, vividness, and as beauty as we can possibly find around us. I believe that finding multi-faceted, accessible, fun, and creative ways to bring people together to interact with collective thought and inspiration is so important, so I’m thrilled to support the Northampton Chalk Art Festival. These events not only lift our spirits, but also keep our community thriving and growing.

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