Yoga for Inner Peace: Practices for Emotional Balance Workshop

online over Zoom (Northampton, MA 01060)

Photo By Lynne Graves

with Alexis Major Jameson

online over Zoom


Whether we experience stress, despondency or any emotion in between, all of these states can be understood as symptoms of a dysregulated system. Yoga gives us tools to positively affect the physical body, pranic body, conscious and unconscious mind, all leading to a more balanced state of being.

This workshop will introduce participants to techniques that nourish and support the entire system:

Gentle asana focused on linking movement and breath

Pranayama techniques for either calming or uplifting the nervous system

Simple meditation for cultivating mindfulness and inner balance

Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation technique.


All levels welcome.


Sliding scale: $25 (community) / $35 (sustainer) / $45 (supporter)