Valley Song Circle

Hidden Temple, Studio 320 in Arts & Industry (221 Pine St., Florence, MA 01062)

Photo By Lynne Graves
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The Valley Song Circle collective is so excited to hold REGULAR song circle meetups in Western MA! There's nothing quite like the medicine of shared song to uplift the heart, shift our frequency, move emotion, and bring dreams into reality! Don't we all need a weekly dose of that good stuff?! The hosts will usually share some songs to begin, and then leave space for others to share and lead songs. There's no obligation to lead a song yourself, you can just join in. Original songs, folk songs, medicine songs, gospel songs, chants, traditional songs, lullabies - anything that can easily be taught so that all can join in. “In the format of a song circle, songs are shared that are simple, easy to learn and memorize, and then all sung together, sometimes with layering harmonies and different parts! You don’t need to be an expert at singing at all. Not only is it a powerful way to sing outside of societal ideas of what a “good singer is” but to practice stepping into opening your voice in a supportive and loving group container. In my experience it’s an incredibly euphoric experience of belonging.” ~ Mackenzie Madrone ENERGY EXCHANGE: - $11-$33 Suggested Donation goes to song leaders for their preparation and energy. No-one turned away at the door for lack of funds.If you or anyone in your household is sick, please stay home. Masking is welcome but not required Check for updates in the Valley Song Circle group - ****