The Waiting Room

33 Hawley Street (Northampton, MA 01060)

Photo By Lynne Graves

Please join us for a free performance of a new dance by Vanessa Anspaugh and dancers.

The Coaching Project on Tour works with selected students in an intensive workshop format. In collaboration with the dancers, choreographer Vanessa Anspaugh quickly creates a new piece from scratch. Part of the structure of the workshop is to take it on a "small tour" at the end. In a DIY low stakes "Punk band" kinda situation we tour garages, back alleys, art galleries etc to audiences both planned and incidental.

The piece we are making, entitled The Waiting Room, functions as a kind of geographical map of our time and research together. Moving from death through the bardo of disorientation, we returned to a ritual compass of both what our bodies hold and the wildness our bodies need.