The Magic & Meaning of Things Workshop

BOMBYX Center for Arts & Equity (130 Pine Street, Florence MA)

Art + Entertainment + Music + Music/Instruments
Wanting and having things isn't wrong, and it isn't bad. But when the quantity of our things takes over our lives, letting some meaningful things go might be necessary. How do we decide what to keep and what to let go?

In this workshop, we will use the Narrative Appraisal tool I developed as an exercise to explore the value of things---whether it's sentimental, utilitarian, or aspirational. It's basically intentional show-and-tell, and that's what we'll do together in a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment. Part of the reason so many people, like myself, have so much difficulty letting things go is that almost EVERYTHING seems to have value. The value doesn't necessarily come from the object itself, but what it represents. Whether it's a pocket knife my grandfather gave me, my Cub Scout uniform, or a 20-year-old piece of junk mail I haven't let go, the attachment is real.

Bring a special object, answer the questions on the Narrative Appraisal, then either share the story of your item with the rest of the participants, or be there as a supportive witness to their story. You will walk away with a better understanding of the meaning of your item, the magic contained within other people's items, and get one step closer to keeping the best and letting go of the rest.

To ensure we have time and attention for each person, registration is limited to 15 people: please register ASAP so we can hold your spot!