Experimental Performance Arena at Anchor House of Artists (518 Pleasant Street ground floor, Northampton, MA 01060)

Photo By Lynne Graves
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This evening presents an eclectic experimental performance with an NYC-based quartet including Sean Ali, Michael Foster, Cecilia Lopez, and Eli Wallace. ___ ___ The night celebrates the album release for The Inflatable Leviathan from Nat Baldwin's label, Triptick Tapes. ___ ___ The group began playing concerts in 2019, exploring the potential musical direction given the combination of these four musicians. They began cultivating their ensemble sound by creating dense textures or sparse ruminating passages that were relieved by moments of melodic impositions, piercing screeches, low growls, intrusive pops, and undulating sweeps. ___ ___ The night includes more music by acts Nat Baldwin/Stella Silbert, Eliot Cardinaux/Gary Fieldman, and Elle Longpre. ___ ___ ​All told, this night will chart new, unknown sound territory.