The Blank Canvas Exhibition - Kahli Hernandez

A.P.E. Ltd (126 Main St, Northampton MA United States)

Photo By Lynne Graves
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The Blank Canvas Exhibition Kahli Hernandez June 4-10 Open to the public: June 5-7 + 9; 12-9pm: Creative Community Hours (Art's Night Out; Friday June 9; 5-8pm) Saturday, June 10; 5-8pm: Community Reception The Blank Canvas Exhibition is an interactive experience that aims to inspire creativity and spark conversations. Large blank canvases will be on display throughout the week, allowing individuals to witness the space's "blank" beginning state and its transformation into a full gallery experience. During Creative Community Hours, patrons can add anything they want to the canvases, creating an open forum for conversation. The only caveat is that new artists are expected to express their thoughts using symbols, shapes, colors, or other means. The visual conversation will change and transform daily, so visitors are encouraged to drop by and see the new works each day. The exhibition is open for friends and families to thoroughly enjoy. The Blank Canvas Exhibition will culminate in a celebration of all the completed works as a collective artistic accomplishment. It is expected to create lasting memories and draw the next generation of artists and creatives to a brighter future for all.