Textile Art by Lee Sproull and Mixed Media by Eva Lin Fahey

Hosmer Gallery, 20 West St. Northampton (20 West St, Northampton MA 01060)


Reception: Saturday July 8, 3-5 pm


Lost (Together)

Lost (Together) is centered around the intersection of cultural loss and the sense of hope that comes from relearning language and tradition in an attempt to pass along ancestral history to the next generation. Tied together by the push and pull of forgetting and remembering, the exhibit will welcome viewers to think deeply about their own heritage and what they hope to hold onto and pass along to generations to come.

Eva Lin Fahey is a painter and writer based in Western Massachusetts. Eva primarily works in water-based media to create abstracted, dream-like spaces. These spaces explore the interconnections between family, cultural hybridity, loss, and longing.


Inspired by the Valley

I live in the woods on the western side of the Pioneer Valley, with long views of the Valley and Connecticut River before me. My art is inspired by the light, colors, shapes, and textures that surround me. I use quilt-making tools, materials, and techniques to create abstract art in which I explore ideas about perception and meaning. Many of the pieces in the exhibit build on branches and branching forms, which reference both literal and metaphorical meaning.