Stephen Kellogg

Iron Horse Music Hall (20 Center Street, Northampton MA 01060)


Stephen Kellogg claims that when he was growing up, his musical interests were divided between his father's record collection, devoted to '70s singer/songwriters like Jim Croce and Cat Stevens, and his sister's rock & roll discs, dominated by hair metal acts such as Bon Jovi and Mötley Crüe. In a curious way, Kellogg's music represents a meeting point between these two styles, with songs that delve deep into the personal but make room for love and celebration, while the music, which is intelligent and intimate, is also full of rock & roll passion and electricity. Kellogg's earliest work (as summarized on the compilation The Early Hits 1992-1997) found a middle ground between contemporary singer/songwriter material and easygoing roots rock, while his work with his band the Sixers, best heard on 2007's Glassjaw Boxer, beefed up the arrangements and added elements of heartland rock (he has often cited Tom Petty as a personal favorite). After returning as a solo artist with 2013's Blunderstone Rookery and 2016's South, West, North, East, Kellogg's sound opened up even more, with rock, folk, Americana, blues, and roots rock all part of his sonic recipe.