Sacred Playshop with Gabriel Meyer Halevy

BOMBYX Center for Arts & Equity (130 Pine Street, Florence MA)

Art + Entertainment + Music + Music/Instruments

Gabriel Meyer Halevy leads an Experiential Journey of awakening and healing through song, chant, movement, deep listening, and interactive meditations and as gardeners to replenish from turmoil.

We will create a safe, playful, and sacred space to inspire courage, flexibility, and presence, drawing from the wellsprings of Hebrew, Kabbalistic, Sufi & other sacred wisdom nectars for tikkun olam, healing the world.

Welcome, whoever you are. For leaders, teachers, musicians, seekers, singers, multi faiths alike, in a spirit of peaceful creativity. No previous experience is necessary. Fully experiential and fully participatory.


Co-sponsored by Bombyx Center for Arts & Equity and Beit Ahavah Reform Synagogue of Greater Northampton, in collaboration with Florence Congregational Church, Jewish Community of Amherst, Lander-Grinspoon Academy, Brattleboro Area Jewish Community - Shir Heharim. Major funding by Harold Grinspoon Foundation.