Quick and Easy Summer Desserts with Leslee Nuttelman

via Zoom (34 Bridge St, Northampton MA 01060)


Quick and Easy Spectacular Summer Desserts
Wednesday, July 14, 2021 6:30 PM ET Via Zoom

Summer is the perfect time to slow down and enjoy the season. Just like the summer fruits, soaking in the sun, let’s not work so very hard to get the food on the table. Leslee has some refreshing and easy summer desserts with focus on fresh fruits! These desserts are quick and easy, but full of flavor and comfort, so you can get right back to taking it easy.

Apricots & Plums Poached in Rose Wine Topped with almond cookie crunch & creme fraiche, fresh stone fruits poached in a crisp rose wine

Mixed Berry Dutch Baby Also known as a German pancake, with a fold of fresh berries, baked until golden and puffy creating a wonderful Summer dessert.

Roasted Strawberry Trifles with Lemon Cream Roasting the strawberries intensifies their sweetness, and layered with silky lemon cream

Strawberry-Ginger Lemonade Cocktail

Instructor: Leslee Nuttelman

Fee: $20.00