Photographs by Christopher Curtis and Paintings by Nayana LaFond

Hosmer Gallery, 20 West St. Northampton (20 West St, Northampton MA 01060)



Luminous Places

My exhibit includes images from wild places around the world. Many of these places are vanishing forever, just in the time that I have been on the planet. With these photographs, I hope to convey the sense and experience of place in each landscape, along with the extraordinary beauty and fragility of our planet.
My photographs are large format color landscape images, some panoramas, beautifully printed on cotton rag paper. I have travelled the world in search of landscapes that are wild, spiritual and ancient, and that speak to me in an ineffable and timeless voice. With their compelling beauty, deep silence, sweet scents, light and shadow, these places connect me to a sense that god and nature are one, and that nature is a powerful and enduring force. My photographs include images of rare ecosystems on top of Mount Kenya, dreamtime rock art in remote Cape York, Australia, sunrise on the islands of the Sea of Cortez, shamanic petroglyphs in Wyoming, mists in the Hoh Rainforest of Washington, rainstorms over Canyonlands, Masai villages in Tanzania, and ancient granaries and waterfalls in the Grand Canyon.

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls/People

Nayana LaFond is a painter and multi disciplinary artist based in Western Massachusetts.
Her work tackles deeply personal subjects related to trauma and life experience. Her recent series, “Portraits in RED, Missing and Murdered Indigenous People Painting project”, has garnered national acclaim. Nayana has multiple solo and touring exhibitions of the ongoing series scheduled for the next several years. In addition to being a professional full time artist and mother, Nayana also serves on the Board of Directors for Artist Organized Art out of Brooklyn NY, and several other organizations and boards in Massachusetts. She has written articles on art and culture and regularly lectures on topics related to Missing and Murdered Indigenous People, processing trauma through art and Artivist. Nayana has also been a curator for 20 years and was the chief curator for the Whitney center for the arts and a serial entrepreneur having owned and operated both a cafe, independent record label and several art galleries, and is a founding member of the Liberal Arts Pop Up Gallery in Northampton MA.