Orphic Encounters: Classical Viola Concert

Arts & Industry Building, studio #320 (221 Pine St, Florence, MA 01062)

Photo By Lynne Graves
Entertainment + Music
Amherst College’s Viola Instructor Charlotte Malin offers audiences a more dynamic way to engage with classical music. Her new concert series, debuting May 20th at 7:30 pm in Florence, is called Orphic Encounters as a nod to the mythical master musician. The concerts take place in a spacious studio in Florence’s Arts & Industry Building overlooking the Mill River. Before the music begins, Malin invites the audience into deeper presence with a simple meditation. During the concert, there is an area of the room for introspective stillness, and one for those who want to move their bodies with the music. “Orpheus is said to have brought trees and rocks to life with his music. My goal as a performer is to animate the soul of each listener in the same way.”