Passalongs Farm, 198 Sylvester Road, Florence, MA (198 Sylvester Rd., Florence MA 01062)


Enjoy a handmade winter wreath workshop at the farm - in our outdoor workspace! Plenty of wreath-making materials for everyone! Wear work gloves and dress appropriately as the workspace is open air. Rain or snow or shine!

In this workshop you will learn how to create a hand-tied wreath using local foliage from Passalongs Farm's woodlot in Southampton as well as a local Christmas tree farm, accented with found, foraged, and sourced extras.

The workshop will start with a short demonstration of wreathmaking and bow-making, followed by plenty of time to create your own customized wreath using a wide variety of natural wreath "ingredients" - seasonal foliage, dried grasses, pinecones, twigs, pods, berries, and birch - as well as a wide assortment of ribbons and various tchotchkes. All necessary materials will be provided! Much encouragement will be doled out!

These hand-tied wreaths are completely biodegradable when finished (minus some of the ribbons!) and the wreath forms can be reused if you don't compost or burn them.They make excellent New Year bonfire starters once they're dried out.

Cost of workshop- $65.00