New Year's Yoga Workshop

via Zoom (150 Main St, Thornes Marketplace, Northampton, MA 01060)


Sara Rose Page's annual New Years Yoga Workshop is on for this year!
Thursday, December 31, 10am-12pm
online over Zoom

What a year! Let's come together as a community on this last day of 2020 to honor it all—the losses, the learning, the hardships, the successes, the joys, and all that has sustained us.
While we will be gathering virtually there is no doubt that we can feel and experience true warmth and support as we practice together in one another's great company.
Mythic yoga themes will honor the depth of what this year has been, and remind us of the promise of our own inner fortitude and capacity to heal.
A 75-90 minute yoga class will be followed by rest, meditation, and quiet contemplation. Writing prompts will be provided as another tool to support our learning and healing.
Have a journal or paper and pen, and all the restorative props or substitute props you can, because we need some rest at the end of this year!

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