New England Brigade Drill Day

Look Park (300 N Main St. Florence MA 01062)


The New England Brigade is the premier Civil War reenacting organization in New England. Currently, with 25 member units; totaling over 400 reenactors and historians representing the soldiers, sailors, and civilians of the Civil War era. Besides taking to the field of battle, they offer a living history component that one cannot experience through a book or movie. Their goal is to immerse their audiences into the Civil War era through battle scenarios, military and civilian camp life, and the uniforms and clothes of the period. They hope to heighten your senses by the smell of the campfire, the thunder of the cannon and the crack of the rifle fire, the click of the telegraph, the feel of the fabrics of the era, the distant bugle call, the cavalry as it charges, the passion of first person impressions and the call to orders by command staff. They dedicate themselves to bringing the American Civil War to life so the generations to come will know, remember and respect those before us.