Mystery Dinner at the Garden House

The Garden House at Look Park (300 N Main St., Florence MA 01062)

Entertainment + Food/Drink + Nightlife + Other

Come to Look Park to help us figure out who done it! Join us for a Mystery Dinner featuring The Comical Mystery Tour and a delicious dinner made by Seth Mias Catering.

Lady Lydia the psychic, has called together a group of millionaires offering the gift of eternal life for the small sum of 5 million dollars. Some believe it is totally legit, but someone decides her life shouldn’t be eternal and drops the final curtain on her. Was it Big Bosco, the “Family” man, or Governor Bill Fold. It couldn’t be a politician, could it? I mean they are all so honest. How about Candy Cotton, the adult film star trying to make it big in legit movies or might it have been Gaylord Gabby, the fashion designer from the left coast. If Lydia were still alive she could tell you for sure. Wait a minute, if she is a real psychic, she would have known it was coming wouldn’t she? Come along and join us for another fun filled night of mystery and help figure out who offs Lady Lydia. Tickets are $40.00 per person. All proceeds benefit Look Park.