My Evil Twin, a new cabaret musical

A.P.E.@Hawley (33 Hawley Street, Northampton, MA 01060)

Photo By Lynne Graves
Entertainment + Music

A genre-bending new theater work comes to the stage at A.P.E.@ Hawley this August. *My Evil Twin* is an intimate musical starring identical twin opera singers Jim and John Demler – as Jim and John Demler. Funny, poignant, and adventurous, *My Evil Twin *exposes tenderness and vulnerability beneath masculine bravado as the twins tell the story of their lives in words and song. It is a tribute to sibling love. With songs by Eric Sawyer, script by Harley Erdman (developed with the twins themselves), and director Ron Bashford, the result is a polished, exquisite, entertaining and totally out-of-the-box new kind of musical. The show was developed at KO Festival of Theater in 2019 and is now presented in a newly revised version. If you have ever experienced sibling rivalry, or meditated on sibling love, come see *My Evil Twin*. It is a joyous and thrilling 75 minutes. You can also decide for yourself who is the less attractive of the twins. Masks required. Theater has a new air-filtering HVAC system.