My Evil Twin, a new cabaret musical

Northampton Center for the Arts at 33 Hawley (33 Hawley Street, Northampton, MA 01060)

Photo By Lynne Graves
Entertainment + Music
A genre-bending new theater work comes to Northampton Center for the Arts at 33 Hawley. *My Evil Twin *is an intimate musical starring identical twin opera singers Jim and John Demler – as Jim and John Demler. Funny, poignant, and adventurous, *My Evil Twin *exposes tenderness and vulnerability beneath masculine bravado as the twins tell the story of their lives in words and song. It is a tribute to sibling love. The songs by Eric Sawyer blend opera with elements of Broadway and pop, and provide the twins the chance to unleash their virtuosic *basso *voices with madcap energy and emotion. The witty, fast-moving book, by Harley Erdman, was developed in rehearsal with the twins themselves and with director Ron Bashford. The show was developed at KO Festival of Theater in 2019 and is now presented in a newly revised version. The result is a polished, exquisite, entertaining and totally out-of-the-box new kind of music theater.