Michael Winograd & the Honorable Mentshn: Kosher Style at The Parlor Room

The Parlor Room (32 Masonic St., Northampton MA 01060)

Music + Nightlife

Clarinetist Michael Winograd has been a leading figure in the post-revivalist generation of performers of Klezmer music. Klezmer, instrumental Ashkenazi Jewish folk music, was rediscovered and renewed beginning in 1980s following a twenty year lull. Baby-boomer jazz and folk musicians, interested in digging up this lost culture, (for many whom it was their own,) submerged themselves in old records, organized bands, and jump started the Klezmer Revival. The product of this revival, Michael came to be a virtuoso Klezmer as a teenager, and grew to become a central figure in the international Yiddish music scene. Today he performers this music throughout the world, and runs two major North American Klezmer festivals.