MICAfest Art for Change: The M/others' View

Northampton Center for the Arts at 33 Hawley, NEVAmuseum at Anchor House of Artists at 518 Pleasant, and BOMBYX Center for Arts and Equity at 130 Pine, Florence. (Northampton, MA 01060)

Photo By Lynne Graves
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MICAfest 2024 Art for Change The M/others View

Where  M/otherhood and Artistry Unite

May 1-31st, 2024, all in Northampton, MA

MICAfest Art for Change: The M/others’ View is about making a statement, amplifying silenced voices, and creating a more just and inclusive arts landscape.

With 80 m/other artists from all of New England and Beyond. A month-long visual, literary, and performing arts festival for social change.

Expect powerful poetry, thought-provoking dance and theater, and visual art that challenges with weekly showcase events.

MICAfest is back! Tickets are on sale now. 80 m/other artists converge this May for MICAfest Art for Change: The M/others' View, a month-long, multidisciplinary festival in Northampton presented by MICA, a Western MA mom-run organization. Brace yourself for an unprecedented event with a visual exhibition and interdisciplinary weekly showcases. Don’t miss this groundbreaking celebration, igniting essential conversations about m/otherhood, art, and social change. Free events and sliding scale tickets.

Tickets are Now Available! Our website has details on sliding-scale, month-long passes, VIP tickets, single-event tickets, and free events.