Memoir Writing Workshop

Photo By Lynne Graves

40 Center Street, Northampton MA
Each of us has our own inimitable story to tell. But where to begin? Such a project can easily feel overwhelming. Through the Gate: Writing the Memoir is intended for the newer, less practiced writer, as well as for those who already have a work-in-progress. Each session will start with a short guided mediation, and will focus on a different theme: early memories; parents and grandparents; brothers and sisters; a beloved place… Christian will provide appropriate readings to act as catalyst, and we will share our writing in small breakout groups. In the months that follow, you will enjoy help and companionship as you begin to gather your thoughts, face your demons, search out those old photographs, and get your most precious stories out and onto the page.

$725-$850 for all 6 sessions    
(Sliding scale: $125-150 per class) Please register at: