Mangia Pasta!

Online (34 Bridge St, Northampton MA 01060)


Preparing your own fresh pasta is easier and more fun than you think, especially if you make it a team event for family members.  Preparation of tender, fresh pasta will be demonstrated both by machine and by hand with shapes that become the basis of wonderfully delicious meals. Spinach Linguini becomes a decadent dinner when topped with a quick, creamy smoked salmon, lemon and caper Alfredo sauce.  Hand cut tagliatelle becomes a satisfying vegetarian dinner when covered with a sautéed mushroom and herb sauce and rosemary brown butter dresses pecorino and pear ravioli making any night a special occasion.   Discover the versatility of these sauces when additional shapes are demonstrated.

Spinach Linguini with Smoked Salmon, Lemon and Caper Alfredo

Hand-Cut Tagliatelle with Sautéed Mushrooms and Herb Sauce

Pecorino and Pear Ravioli with Rosemary Brown Butter

Instructor: Barbara Morse