Photo By Lynne Graves

Mandé Sila - Habib Koité, Aly Keïta, Lamine Cissokho

The Iron Horse (18 Center St., Northampton, MA)


Mandé Sila - Habib Koité, Aly Keïta, Lamine Cissokho at The Iron Horse on Wednesday, November 20 2024

Three standard-bearers of West African musical traditions come together to celebrateMandéSila: the way of the Mandingo empire, symbolizing languages, cultures, music,and the entire organology of West Africa. One of Africa’s most popular and recognized musicians, Habib Koité is a modern troubadour with extraordinary appeal due to his musicianship, wit, and wisdom.The Kora player Lamine Cissokho is the descendant ofa famous griot family whose traditions date back to the 14th century, passing traditional pieces down from generation to generation.Aly Keïta gained worldwide recognition for his mastery of the balafon, impressive virtuosity, and unique sound. Three virtuoso artists linked by the same cultural heritage; a melting pot that inspires their compositions and sublimates the renewal of the genre.Joining the trio onstage will be Habib’slongtime percussionist,Mama KONE(Djembe,Calabash, electronic pad) who has also performed with Eric Bibb.