M/otherhood in Motion: Dance and Theatre | MICAfest | The M/others' View

Northampton Center for the Arts at 33 Hawley (Remote, Northampton MA 01060)


An Evening of Dance, Theatre, and Motion

Join us at the heart of artistic expression and maternal insight as the Northampton Center for the Arts transforms into a realm of exploration and empowerment. M/otherhood in Motion, hosted by M/others Institute for Collaboration and Art (MICA), presents an unparalleled evening of dance, theatre, and performance art. This meticulously curated event shines a spotlight on the intricate dance of m/otherhood, intertwining the personal and the mythological, the intimate and the universal.

M/otherhood in Motion is not just an event; it’s a movement. It is a dynamic showcase that brings to the stage four emotive performances, each narrating the distinct yet interconnected facets of m/otherhood. With three dance performance pieces and one staged reading, each act is a unique invitation to look beyond the surface and connect with the deep, complex tapestry of m/otherhood. These performances challenge, celebrate, and illuminate the myriad roles and identities mothers navigate every day.

Why M/otherhood Matters

In a society that frequently overlooks the artistry of m/othering, M/otherhood in Motion serves as a vivid reminder of the power, creativity, and resilience inherent in m/others and their stories. It’s more than a celebration; it’s a declaration that m/other artists are here, creating, performing, and reshaping the landscape of art and society.

This event is your chance to support and uplift the voices of m/other artists, partake in their stories, and contribute to a growing community bent on recognizing and valuing m/otherhood’s artistic and societal contributions.

The Performances

Headshot of Haile Eshe Cole.

“Belly” – An Intergenerational Tapestry of Black Motherhood, Haile Eshe Cole

This project seeks to tell the stories of Black women’s experiences of reproduction past, present, and future. “Belly” is an intergenerational love voyage of Black womanhood/motherhood that transpires through the mediums of word, song, and dance.

It is also loosely based on ethnographic interviews and research conducted with Black women in the South. Inspired by Ntozake Shange’s “For Colored Girls,” the work is written for a small, six-member cast and structured as a three-part choreopoem.

For MICAfest, excerpts from the broader piece will be performed.

Image of Kelly Silliman in a leaning back dance pose.

“Nourish – I’m on Fire” -A Mythological Exploration of a Woman’s Life Cycle, Jessica Roseman

“Nourish – I’m on Fire” is a mythological biography about a magical, extraordinary place, which, if described to you, would sound like fiction. The 30-minute solo dance (excerpt from an evening-length piece) reveals hidden truths about a woman’s cyclical capacity to regenerate, produce life, and retire and move to Florida over the course of a lifetime. By resourcing memory and invoking affirmations, it explores themes of parenting, ancestry, privacy, shame, and liberation, as well as perimenopause, stillbirth, and Black maternal health.

The dance score capitalizes on theatricality by way of singing, miming, and asking the audience questions about their viewing experience. Comfortably relatable and, at times, humorous, the piece aims to generate an authentic relationship with the audience by revealing new worlds.

Profile image of dancer Laura Sanchez in performance kneeling with her arms in front, the set is dark with the lights on her.

“Welcome to Holland!” – Exploring the Unspoken Realities of Motherhood, Laura Sánchez

Flamenco dancer, educator, and choreographer Laura Sanchez reimagines Emily Kingsley’s poem about parenting a child with a disability to capture the essence of being a mother—a caregiver—waking up to a world transformed by trauma. Flamenco, poetry, humor, film, and installation all fuse in this performance, challenging societal narratives around motherhood, disability, and ableism while elevating the inherent strength of caregivers.

Image of Kelly Silliman in a leaning back dance pose.

“Miss Treated” – Kelly Silliman

Miss Treated, a solo dance theatre piece created in collaboration with Melissa Edwards, explores gender, power, and medical mistreatment. It shines a light on the all-too-common experience of being misheard, misdiagnosed, and mistreated by professionals who are supposed to help.


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