Longevity: A Start-Up Guide

Forbes Library - Community Room (22 Swan Street, Northampton MA 01060)


Aging is something we can't escape, but how we think about it, and the practices we adopt around it can have a huge impact on our experience of getting older - physically, emotionally, and psychologically. In this first of a series of free public lectures I'll be giving this fall and winter at Forbes Library, we'll look at some of the root causes of aging, at both a cellular and macroscopic, and talk about ways of pushing back against the aging process. We'll talk about the concept of "deep health," and how we can use it to design a "longevity practice" that makes us feel better now, and optimizes our chances of living healthier for longer. We'll touch on some of the key areas of longevity such as mobility, balance, cognitive health, nutrition and sleep, and what you can do now to start feeling better and more resilient.

Jim Lobley is a certified personal trainer, teacher, and longevity coach in private practice in Northampton, and the founder/director of The Long Game, an online learning and training platform for longevity.