Justina Golden and Sharon Saline: In Concert

BOMBYX Center for Arts & Equity (130 Pine Street, Florence MA)

Art + Entertainment + Music

In this unique collaboration, Justina Golden and Sharon Saline join forces to explore life, love and the pursuit of sanity in these unpredictable times. With different styles and repertoire, they each look at themes of connection, resilience and hope. Sharon performs songs from jazz standards to Broadway hits to rock and roll adaptations while weaving in stories to present a creative commentary on contemporary life. Joined by guitarist Joe Belmont, pianist Lauren Bell, percussionist Rob Terreden and bassist Kara Noble, she explores themes of love, hope and rediscovering yourself at any age.

Justina presents a set of new works entitled “The Wisdom of Women.” Drawing from local history, myth and the poetry of Heinrich Heine, her songs are tributes to strength, hope and transformation. Celebrating more than 4 decades playing together, she will be joined by bassist Kara Noble, pianist, guitarist and composer Jerry Noble and other surprise guest artists in these public premieres of her songs.

Together, they will offer an afternoon of top-notch entertainment, superb musicianship and heartfelt laughter.