JJ's Tavern 10 Anniversary Comedy Party

Jj's Tavern (99 Main Street, Florence, MA 01062)

Photo By Lynne Graves
Entertainment + Nightlife
Florence, June, 10th – Get ready to double over with laughter as "JJs Tavern 10 Anniversary Comedy Party" takes center stage in Florence! This side-splitting comedy show promises to tickle your funny bone and leave you rolling in the aisles. Prepare for an unforgettable evening of non-stop chuckles, as some of the brightest comedic stars come together for a night of uproarious entertainment.  Hosted by the uproariously witty and charismatic Kim “Boney” Deshields, "JJs Tavern 10 Anniversary Comedy Party" brings together a star-studded lineup of comedic talent that will have you in stitches. From stand-up veterans to fresh comedic voices, this show has it all. Each performer brings their own unique style and perspective, ensuring a diverse and unforgettable experience for comedy lovers of all tastes.  Date: June 10, 7:00 pm Just Jokes 99 Main Street Florence MA 01062  With "JJs Tavern 10 Anniversary Comedy Party" prepare to embark on a comedic journey like no other. The show's handpicked lineup of talented comedians will take you on a rollercoaster ride of humor, weaving hilarious anecdotes, clever observations, and side-splitting punchlines. Whether you're a fan of observational comedy, improvisation, or character-driven hilarity, this show has something for everyone.  "JJs Tavern 10 Anniversary Comedy Party" is not just about laughter; it's also about making a difference. A portion of the proceeds from the show will be donated to Sojourner Truth Memorial, a noble organization dedicated to Sojourner Truth Memorial. By attending this comedy extravaganza, you'll not only enjoy an incredible evening but also contribute to a worthy cause.  Tickets for "JJs Tavern 10 Anniversary Comedy Party" are available now and selling fast! Don't miss your chance to secure your seat at this laughter-filled event. Visit jjstavern.net or call 413-586-5705 to purchase your tickets today.  For more information, interviews, or press passes, please contact: Tim Lovett, CEO comedyasaweapon@gmail.com 413-557-8145  Join us for an unforgettable night of laughter, camaraderie, and comic brilliance at "JJs Tavern 10 Anniversary Comedy Party"! Get ready to laugh until your cheeks hurt as we bring the house down with rib-tickling performances that will leave you begging for more.  About Comedy as a Weapon: Comedy as a Weapon is a leading entertainment production company dedicated to curating extraordinary live experiences that captivate audiences worldwide. With a focus on quality, innovation, and creative excellence, we strive to bring joy and inspiration to people through the power of entertainment.