IRON HORSE GRAND OPENING: Rachael & Vilray w/ Taylor Ashton

The Iron Horse (18 Center St., Northampton, MA)


IRON HORSE GRAND OPENING: Rachael & Vilray w/ Taylor Ashton at The Iron Horse on Wednesday, May 15 2024


has been a musical act ever since Rachael Price saw Vilray play a very short set of covers and said she wanted in. In the years since they began, their configuration has ranged from an intimate duo, to the 9-piece formation heard on their newest album, ‘I Love A Love Song!’

No matter the set-up on stage, friends Rachael and Vilray sing right to each other, tell stories about how these original songs came to be, and relate them to the many old love songs they love to love.


Taylor Ashton is a Canadian singer songwriter living in Brooklyn.

He spent the first half of his twenties on the road across Canada as frontman of the band Fish & Bird.

Alternately accompanying himself on clawhammer banjo and electric guitar, Taylor croons poignantly clever lyrical insights while gliding between a Bill Callahan-esque baritone to a Thom Yorke-like falsetto.