Hysteria: Reclaiming the Collective Body | April Session

BOMBYX Center for Arts & Equity (130 Pine Street, Florence MA)

Art + Entertainment + Music + Music/Instruments

Once upon a time in Europe genocide was committed against tens of thousands of midwives, healers, and wisdom keepers. Now, some grandchildren of the grandchildren of those elders are coming together to remember what our bodies know to be true: we are all connected. This is critical. The systems and ways of living that we have come to rely on are crumbling around us. We will not navigate the uncertainty of this time with the notions that got us here.

Hysterical Society will reanimate ways of knowing and sensing that have been in our bodies, in nature, and between us for millennia.

Together, over two 6 hour sessions in March and April, we will practice and evolve practices that recover ancient ways of being, knowing and sensing into the modern context.

Hysterical Society is open to any adult of any lineage, background or gender, who desires a connection between their inner and outer worlds through individual and group practices. The topics we discuss can be mature in nature so we request participants 18+ to register. Ages 16-18 may be considered with guardian permission.

Come prepared for gentle motions, light outdoor activity, and a shared meal before we leave.