HUT XXV Jeanine Durning, Miles A.M. Collins-Sibley, Liz Tonne

Studio4 (Suite 444, 25 Main Street, Northampton MA 01062)

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HUT XXV SAT OCT 5 8pm STUDIO4 (SCDT) 25 Main St Northampton, 4th floor above Fitzwillys Movement - Jeanine Durning Words - Miles A.M. Collins-Sibley Sound - Liz Tonne Jeanine Durning Jeanine Durning is a choreographer, performer, and teacher from New York, creating solo and group works since 1998. Her research is grounded in choreography as ontological inquiry - exploring questions of who we are, the nature of perception and relation, and the slippery terrain of invented narratives of self and other. Durning's current research deals with a practice she calls nonstopping which she began to develop in 2009 and which has manifested as a solo performance practice of nonstop speaking called inging (2010) and a group performance practice of nonstop moving called To Being (2015). To Being will premiere in NYC September 2015 along with a remount of inging. inging has been presented in Amsterdam, Berlin, Leuven/BE, Zagreb, Toronto, and across the US in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, NYC, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin, with upcoming performances in San Francisco.