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During this time of social distancing, we realize it has become more difficult than BC (before Covid) & we want to ensure clients can still maintain happy and healthy healing of their body piercings. Many fresh piercings had come with a suggestion to downsize your jewelry after the initial healing as indicated on your aftercare pamphlet, and though we are not open to the public for in person check ups or jewelry changes, we ARE open every day to communicate with you via email or FaceTime to still offer a checkup & give advice the best we can while still complying with all social distancing regulations... We also have opened an online store to provide our clients with access to the jewelry we had suggested for you to downsize as well as a place to order more aftercare products. We are growing the store daily, so if you do not see what you need, or want, please just contact us, because we may have it available still but it just hasn’t made it to the online store yet... we want to help! YOU ARE NOT ALONE on your healing journey ! So any piercing related question or concern you have, please do not hesitate to reach out, and our 2 person piercing team with over 35 years of shop experience, will do our best to help you the best we can. During this public health crisis, we have helped & mailed legit body jewelry too many clients each and every day. We, like you, can’t wait for it to be safe enough for the community to open back up, but until then we want to help the best we can! Please reach out to us with any questions you may have for us, about jewelry, healing, or other HBAemployee@gmail.comHavenbodyjewelry.com