English Muffins, Crumpets, and Jam - Oh My!

via Zoom (34 Bridge St, Northampton MA 01060)


Leslee with teach this hands-on workshop on scratch baking and cooking English muffins and the British crumpet!  Home-made English Muffins are surprisingly easy to make, and this recipe tastes even better than the brand name muffins!  We will do both griddle-cooked and baked versions of the English Muffins.  The Crumpet – an English griddle cake made with flour, yeast, milk or water are traditionally enjoyed for breakfast or afternoon tea.  They are crispy, chewy and delicately spongy in texture, with a delicious depth of yeasty flavor.  They are as easy to make as traditional pancakes! And we’ll finish with something lusciously sweet to top our creations.  We’ll make a quick, small-batch refrigerator mixed berry jam.

Traditional English Muffins


Mixed Berry Refrigerator Jam

Instructor: Leslee Nuttelman

Fee: $75.00