Energize, Encourage, Equip: Talking to Kids About Race

29 N. Maple Street, Florence (though this event is virtual through Zoom) (Northampton, MA 01060)

Photo By Lynne Graves
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Our homes and our classrooms can become transformative spaces when we talk openly about race and culture. This event will do just that for your kids, and provide tools for you to continue the journey. In this 2 hour session, enjoy a 40 minute K-5 student centered time with music, reading, and spoken word poetry. Then, hear from expert educators and moms in the field about how to build connections, cultivate awareness, and encourage your young people to see that to live joyfully is to live FOR and WITH others. Hosted by Undone Consulting (cofounder of the Undone Movement) and Tailored Learning Supports (For Families).