Empowered Approach to Pelvic Health

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Have you experienced…

Bladder leaks when you sneeze, laugh, etc.

Constant urges to pee

Heaviness or bulging around your vagina

Vaginal birth

Being told you have pelvic organ prolapse

Or would like to learn about prevention of pelvic organ prolapse

                                                                             …Then this workshop could be for you!

Join Ruth and Fritha for an introductory workshop combining the Whole Woman® Practice with the Feldenkrais Method® to learn about your pelvic structures and how to better support your pelvic organs. Posture is key in supporting pelvic organ health and comfort, and there can be many things that influence how we sit, stand, and walk. This workshop will offer participants foundational information and guidance on finding a natural and supportive posture through education, practice and discussion, and provide opportunities to clarify and integrate this learning through Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons.

Because we can’t have hands on time as a group, or see your body as clearly in a group zoom gathering, each participant will also have a private online session for up to 25 minutes within 3 days of the workshop with Ruth and Fritha to provide customized support and guidance for your body and understanding (more details when you register).

Some of the workshop will be done sitting in a chair or standing for short segments, and part of the workshop will include an Awareness Through Movement® lesson lying on the floor.

We welcome you no matter your interest, whether you are experiencing significant discomfort or are actively seeking education around prevention. The workshop will not include vigorous exercise, but rather education, slow/gentle movements as well as strengthening exercises to help you clarify your understanding of your posture and how to best support your pelvic organs.

Feel free to reach out with any questions! We look forward to working with you.