Embodying the Home Song

Northampton Center for the Arts (33 Hawley Street, Northampton, MA 01060)

Photo By Lynne Graves
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EMBODYING THE HOME SONG SATURDAY, AUGUST 6, 10AM-1PM COST: $50-$100 SLIDING SCALE https://www.nohoarts.org/events/category/embodying-the-home-song Join award-winning musician/teacher Jesse Olsen Bay for a deep dive into breath, body, sound, and song. When we sing, our bodies are our instruments. Our breath and bones resonate with the expression of our inner worlds, connecting us to the rich stories embedded in song. In this workshop, you will deeply investigate these connections. Through improvisations, physical explorations, listening meditations, and songs, you’ll discover new forms of experience and expression. You will: ___ Find ease, freedom, and expression in your voice through awareness and somatic practices ___ Learn to listen and sing together in a group, blending voices in harmony and balance ___ Sing beautiful, simple songs from various traditions, as a vehicle for self-expression and deeper connection with community, history, and a sense of the sacred ___ Improvise with voices and bodies, journeying together through the ocean of sound ___ Express and transform your deepest emotions -- joy, longing, sadness, love, peace, anger -- in a safe and supportive environment ___ No experience necessary - singing is for everyone!