Durga: Finding Courage & Comfort in Challenging Times

online over Zoom (Northampton, MA 01060)

Photo By Lynne Graves

with Sara Rose Page. Durga’s myth is exactly the story that we need today. Durga, the Hindu goddess, was created to be the one and only force who could defeat the all-powerful and tyrannical demon Mahisha, who was destroying all life everywhere. Durga’s name means difficult-going or tough-going. She rides a tiger, representing her ferocity, courage and agency to create change. While wielding many weapons (symbolizing our many spiritual tools) with a fearless heart, her eyes are always serene. She is calm in the midst of the storm, capable of facing uncertainty, and she is devoted to upholding justice and preserving goodness in the world. Come gather with Sara Rose and friends to hear Durga’s story, and dive deep into a practice to cultivate courage and embody serenity. Following embodied (yoga*) practice, Durga’s story will provide inspiration to write and meditate on our own stories - individually and collectively. The power of storytelling is a way to understand and to heal our world and ourselves. The inter-weaving of myth, asana, mantra, writing and contemplation magnifies the power of each individual practice and supports our capacity to be resilient, strong and serene even in tough times. (*mixed level yoga practice will provide challenge to ignite courage, and nurturing practices to create comfort and self-care) Sliding Scale: $25-$45. Pre-registration required online to receive Zoom link. This workshop will be recorded and made available to all registrants after the workshop. Please register in advance to get access.