Dear Ella Trio

Summer On Strong (Strong Ave. Northampton)


Annie Patterson, Mary Witt, and Ann Percival are “Dear Ella”, a trio from Western Massachusetts whose repertoire includes songs from jazz standards to blues to Motown to folk favorites. The band’s name, inspired by Ella Fitzgerald, is a nod to the many women singers who have inspired them. Singing in harmony is something these three highly accomplished musicians have been doing their whole lives. Now, as “Dear Ella”, Ann, Mary & Annie bring their individual musicianship and talents together to form a dynamic trio. Come sing with them, dance to their songs, and enjoy their uplifting and beautiful harmonies with guitars, ukulele, bass, snare drum and banjo. Peace and social justice are strong themes throughout their repertoire and mission, bringing people together through harmony and understanding.

Annie Patterson (vocals, guitar, banjo, & snare drum) co-created the world renowned songbook Rise Up Singing with her life partner Peter Blood. She sings with the swing band Girls From Mars and is a vocalist and rhythm instrumentalist with the Joni Mitchell tribute band, Big Yellow Taxi. She is a music educator, artist, and premiere song leader, and has led singing with communities around the world for over 3 decades.

Mary Witt (vocals & bass) is a critically acclaimed singer and bass player for the Swing and Motown band The O-Tones. She is also a music producer, painter, and art educator. Inspired by multi-discipline artists like Joni Mitchell, Mary enjoys the conversation between music and visual art. Her German parents, early activists and social justice advocates, exposed her to both all her life. Her passion for music and social justice shines through her work.

Ann Percival (guitar, piano, rhythm & vocals) is a member of the iconic contra dance band Wild Asparagus. She also sings and plays guitar with the New England Swing and Motown band, The O-Tones. She is an artist, visionary, and educator. Music is in her blood. Ann used to spend time with her Norwegian grandparents including trips to the local Sons of Norway hall where everyone danced to and played traditional music.


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Join us daily out on Strong Avenue, Northampton, Massachusetts. May 22 – September 9, 2024