Summer On Strong (Strong Ave. Northampton)


Originally formed in Nevada County, California as a side project to David’s more traditional bluegrass bands, Daring Coyotes plays hard driving original music as well as traditional tunes. First spotted outside their local confines on the same stage in Humboldt County graced by folks like Greensky Bluegrass (admittedly not the same night) Daring Coyotes were off to a strong start playing all over Northern California in 2019 before the entire world hit pause.


Currently, the psychedelic string band trio of Daring Coyotes features former touring folk punk bassist and current true musical explorer Ryan Seiler on bass. For a taste of his musical range check out DJ Dusty Grooves and his remix of Elephant Walk over on social media @djdustygroove. On guitar, we are lucky that Matt Emmer manages to find some time away from performing and writing their own excellent original music to play highly unexpected and inventive lines and sing some of their own songs. Matt also has an original album of their own coming out down the line, give them a listen @matt_emmer_


Join us daily out on Strong Avenue, Northampton, Massachusetts. May 22 – September 9, 2024