BOMBYX Center for Arts & Equity (130 Pine Street, Florence MA)

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Barbara’s paintings evoke a presence – the observer / painter coming upon a pool of water in a garden or forest, in a state of suspension. They embody looseness and fluidity while navigating nuanced layers and brushstrokes. These pools regard water as an element to get lost in, absorbing and reflecting, while revealing glimpses and hiding multitudes. In the paintings there are shadow and reflection shapes, colors of bright sky or sunset, and an edge – a hint of containment. As the paintings are worked, the shapes and layers shift, until surface and shadow still, and knock against the edges. Barbara is interested in the pool as a subjective inner space, revealing a transient state of mind and heart, arrived at through painting.

Come view her work in the beautiful setting of Bombyx's Peacock Room. Barbara will be available during open hours from 3-6 PM to discuss her work.