Arts Night Out | Donnabelle Casis "Tintillation - An Exploration in Color"

9 1/2 Market St. Northampton, MA 01060 (9 1/2 Market St, Northampton MA 01060)

Art + Entertainment
Join us for the opening reception of "Tintillation - An Exploration in Color," with live jazz piano by Rob Fontana!
*Masks are recommended
Donnabelle Casis is a Filipina-American woman artist working in Western Massachusetts. She is fascinated by visual perception and how meaning is derived from what we see. Casis looks for hidden geometries which may connect discrete perspectives to form a greater whole. Her current works explore the relationship of personal identity to visual systems of signification in both ancient and modern cultures. Donnabelle draws from various sources such as Filipino tribal tattoos and textiles, facial recognition software, cosmology and the philosophy of metaphysics, among others. Filipino tribal imagery is tied to storytelling, marks of accomplishment, and societal roles. Facial recognition software maps physical characteristics which determine one’s visual identity. Her interest in the tangible universe and what transcends experience helps her understand her place in the world and beyond.
Donnabelle earned an MFA in painting from the University of Washington in Seattle. She primarily works as a painter, but she has recently explored creating interactive, kinetic sculpture installations. She will install a version of "Kinetic Peripatetic" at Click Workspace to be experienced for one night only during the opening reception on October, 14th.
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