A Euro-Inspired Valentine’s Celebration of Chocolate

via Zoom (34 Bridge St, Northampton MA 01060)


A Euro-Inspired Valentine’s Celebration of Chocolate

Wednesday, February 10, 2021 6:30-8:00 PM ET via Zoom

No other country celebrates Valentine’s Day quite like we do in America, but it can be fun to put a little international spin on your dessert plans.   Explore easy-to-prepare traditional chocolate desserts on this special day or any time of year.   Austria’s Sachertorte is the classic bittersweet cake with a light apricot filling and beautiful chocolate glaze, then we’ll make a Torte Caprese from the island of Capri is a delightful flourless cake simply served with a dusting of confectioners’ sugar or a bit of ganache and finally deux desserts from France, a Rich Creamy Chocolate Mousse and tender Chocolate Madeleines to show your love.

Sachertorte A light apricot filling in a bitter-sweet chocolate cake finished with a beautiful chocolate glaze

Torte Caprese An elegant flourless chocolate cake

Rich and Creamy Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Madeleines

Instructor: Barbara Morse

Fee: $30.00