Yoga of the Valley


COVID-19 Update

We know it’s not always possible, or prudent, to get to the studio for practice. But we know that this practice matters, makes a difference in our lives and overall well-being, and we know that it’s just as much about the community we foster as it is the poses, the sequence, the teachers.

We are so excited to offer the opportunity to join live studio classes at YOTV from the comfort of home, your gym, a hotel while traveling, anywhere! While you will need to create a free account to log onto the class portal, no special purchase is required. Just use your current class card, or YOTV drop-in to join us.

Our Virtual Studio schedule will start small, and we expect some learning along the way. You will not be charged for any class you could not successfully log on for. We hope to increase these virtual offerings in upcoming weeks.

We believe yoga is for everyone. Yoga of the Valley is a collective of skilled and knowledgeable teachers, trained primarily under our own rigorous and comprehensive YTT programs. With our study of anatomy, biomechanics, the history and philosophy of Yoga, plus decades of combined experience, we seek to provide the most supportive, uplifting and welcoming environment for your yoga practice.