Northampton Community Acupuncture


COVID-19 Update

The Clinic is currently CLOSED due to COVID-19, until further notice. We will be following local and state, as well as federal, safety guidelines in determining when to re-open.

Please stay safe, practice social distancing, check in with family, friends, and loved ones often, and especially those who are at higher risk.

Strengthen your immune system thru a healthy diet, relieving stress often, getting fresh air and exercise, and restful sleep, along with cultivating joy, love, laughter and resilience.

We are stronger together, and we will emerge a stronger global community on the other side.

What is community acupuncture?

*group setting with both recliners and tables

in one large room

*soothing, calm atmosphere

*individualized treatments

*ease and convenience of online scheduling

*lower prices than private, one-to-one sessions