BOMBYX Center for Arts & Equity

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BOMBYX is a non-profit organization established to steward the property at 130 Pine Street, in Florence, Massachusetts - a historic gathering place founded by abolitionists who championed anti-slavery, gender equity, and religious tolerance. Carrying these values forward, we serve our community as a venue for transformative arts experiences, spiritual growth, and challenging conversations.

The name Bombyx references the silk moth (bombyx mori) imported to the region in the first half of the 19th century - a profound rejection of southern cotton and the global economic power of slavery.

Many local residents are unaware of the town's activist history. Frederick Douglas gave speeches under that original pine, as did William Lloyd Garrison and Wendell Phillips. Sojourner Truth and David Ruggles lived within walking distance and were active in the region for many years.

We are excited to knit together our global music offerings with the town's deep history, creating an incubator for challenging conversations, spiritual growth, and transformative arts experiences. Issues of equity span time and geography. Our work is the next chapter in an already long history of bold, creative thinking.

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Klezmer Workshop with Lisa Gutkin

Lisa Gutkin will teach a klezmer tune along with methods to learn by ear, basic ornamentation, …

Photo By Lynne Graves

Lisa Gutkin in concert with Christina Crowder, Pete Rushefsky and Rachel Leader

Lisa Gutkin, fiddler of The Klezmatics, will perform klezmer, Irish and Americana music accompanied …

Mames Babegenush

Mames Babegenush, a sextet from Copenhagen, give the zesty, brassy, festive, and sad hybrid music of …

Mames Babegenush

RESCHEDULED >>NEW DATE! Mames Babegenush, a sextet from Copehnhagen, give the zesty, brassy, …